Dripping Honesty like Honey

Turning 25 with eyes wide open. People at their core desires are a disappointment to one another. We don’t live to volunteer or ache to help one another. We crave validation that we are good.  It is truly difficult to admit that we spend a majority of our time without intent and LIKE IT. Laziness is intoxicating.  This one goes out to the people who kick ice under the fridge instead of picking it up. Out of sight is out of mind. The people who walk by trash and think someone else will pick it up. If I didn’t leave it I shouldn’t have to clean up others messes. The people who pass by those in need on the way to work without stopping. I am in a hurry, there’s no time to help them.  Every day we justify convenience when acting with intent could better our home and community in a small way. What will we do when the use of antidotal thoughts run dry?

I hear my conscience clouding as I make these errors too. I just think we can do better. When you’re ready,  I’ll be here for you.




Pitter Patter

Don’t mind me as the person who looks out for you.

I am the person who wants everybody to look out for themselves.

To have a unique path, to be self sufficient, to be emotionally intelligent and aware of the surroundings that work for you. By having everybody so out of tune with what they need, desire, & crave you’re doing everyone a disservice around you.

Learn about yourself.

Live & experience life as you!

Let’s get at ‘er!

Positive Perceptions

I am manifesting so much good

Through experiencing pain that is meaningful

I am shedding all my shame & sin

To help a new confidence and light in

I am grieving my separation from old friends

The wrong ones must go, to let the right ones in

I am balancing my energy for me

Exciting new changes will come when I’m ready

I am in charge of all my reactions

From here on out I am made of light and attraction

I am simplifying my time

Setting boundaries with clear defined lines

I am processing love with great speed

Disappointment and disrespect will

No longer affect me.

Collateral Beauty

There is not room here for good or evil to be separate entities.

Everything is in-between and there is not one without the other.

They bleed into one another like watercolors and waves meeting the shore.

Gentle and unforgiving they mesh in beautiful and impulsive ways.

All energy is so tightly wound that neither good nor evil can stand alone.

Good and evil must exist in the same realm to even exist at all.

Life Gone Wrong Affirmations

I am made of acceptance to all the consequences of my actions.

I hold myself accordingly to the conflicts I have let go awry.

I am bravely okay with the opportunities I have failed to grasp.

I am aware of the relationships i’ve let fall through the cracks.

I am the pilot flying myself away from the places that no longer nurture me.

I am just fine with leaving it be.